Whale Watching in Newport Oregon: The Best Place to Whale Watch

Whale watching in Newport is a one-of-a-kind experience. From standing at the top of the lighthouse looking out to see to dining while whale watching. There are so many amazing places to whale watch in this great city!

With its sheltered and easy access to the open ocean, Newport is one of the best places on the coast for spotting whales. 

You can easily make a day or weekend trip out of it. 

And with so much to see and do in Newport, you will not be disappointed. 

Best Time of Year to go Whale Watching in Newport

Oregon’s Newport is one of the best place to whale watch on the Oregon Coast.

The town is in Lincoln County and offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Whale watching is a popular activity here, as whales can often migrate close to the shore. 

Several tour companies offer whale watching trips and deep-sea fishing adventures. There are also several spots along the coast to view whales from land.

The best time of the year to whale watch in Newport is between June and September.

In early summer the Oregon Coast's resident gray whale population starts to come back and can be seen all summer long.

However, whales can often be seen throughout the year.

If you are lucky enough to spot these whales you might see a whale spout in the water. This is the most common spotting. However, if you are extremely lucky you may see them breach. Breaching is when they jump out of the water.

The Best Place To Go Whale Watching in Newport on Land

There are several great spots to whale watch in Newport, Oregon. 

Some of the best places to see whales while on land include:

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area

Whale Watching in Newport

Also known to locals as just Yaquina Head is a headland on the Oregon Coast home to diverse plant and animal life and various geological features.

It is located on the north end of Newport and offers incredible views of the Pacific Ocean. 

The area includes a variety of habitats, such as tide pools, sandy beaches, rocky shores, and grassy meadows. 

These habitats are home to many different plants and animals, including seabirds, seals, and sea lions. 

It is a great place to see whales throughout the year. 

Gray whales are the most common type of whale seen in the area, and they can often be spotted from the shore during their annual migration.

Humpback whales are also occasionally seen, and orcas have been known to hunt in the waters off Yaquina Head.

Visitors can often see whales from the cliffs or boats, and there are several whale-watching tour operators in the area.

Whales are an essential part of the marine ecosystem, and they play a vital role in the health of the ocean.

The Yaquina Head is one of the best places in Oregon to see these fantastic creatures in their natural habitat. 


Many restaurants have windows facing the ocean in Newport. 

In these restaurants, you can look out the windows and find some pretty impressive waves, birds, and, if you are lucky, whales. 

There is something special about dining while watching the ocean waves. 

It is a feeling of being away from it all. 

That is why many restaurants choose to have their windows facing the ocean so that diners can enjoy the view. 

Whale Watching in Newport at the Hill

I was recently at The Hill Buffet and Grill with my husband during dinner time. 

We happened to both look out at the ocean simultaneously and saw a pod of whales in the water spouting. 

We both were captivated as the whales breached and spouted. 

It was a special moment for both of us. 

You may not see this all of the time; however, if you look closely, you will see some beautiful waves and, if you are lucky, some spouting water which could be a whale. 


Don and Ann Davis Park

If you look closely, you might also be able to see whales at the State Parks and Beaches located off Highway 101. 

One of my favorite places to watch the ocean and look for whales is across the street from The Newport Performing Arts Center at the Don and Ann Davis Park

Here you can find a simple park with a fantastic parking area where you can sit right in your car and watch the ocean for as long as you would like.

I love sitting in my car on a rainy day and watching the ocean waves as they flow back and forth.

I have been lucky enough to see a whale spout twice here. 

The Don and Ann Davis Park have a gazebo and a memorial area. The monument area is worth walking into and offers shelter from the rain if you do not want to sit in your car and watch the waves. 

Beverly Beach State Park

Beverly Beach State Park is a beautiful oceanfront park located in Newport, Oregon. Situated on a scenic stretch of coastline, the park offers stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. Visitors can enjoy various activities at the park, including swimming, fishing, camping, picnicking, and hiking.

The park also features a large day-use area with a playground, picnic tables, and barbeque pits.

Beverly Beach State Park is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike.

In addition to its natural beauty, Beverly Beach State Park is also an excellent place to see whales. 

Whales can be seen from the shoreline, or boats depart from the nearby marina.

Whether you are looking for a place to relax or an opportunity to see some of nature’s most majestic creatures, Beverly Beach State Park is sure to please.  

The Best Place to Whale Watch in the Water

Newport Tradewinds Deep Sea Fishing

Newport Tradewinds, Deep Sea Fishing, offers an exciting opportunity to go whale watching. 

The company provides a comfortable and safe way to get up close and personal with these majestic creatures.

Newport Tradewinds offers a variety of whale watching packages, so there is sure to be an option perfect for you.

During your whale watching tour, you will have the chance to see various whales, including blue whales, humpback whales, and orcas. 

You will also have the opportunity to learn about these amazing creatures from the knowledgeable guides on board. 

The whale-watching trip goes 1.5 hours, and ages five and under are free. 

Whale watching is an unforgettable experience that you will never forget. 

This is not an affiliate link. I have just found that sometimes it can be hard to pull up information on them, and I wanted to make it as easy as possible for you. 

Whale Skeleton at Don and Ann Davis Park

Marine Discovery Tours

Marine Discovery Tours has put a lot of effort into ensuring every passenger has an enjoyable time on these 2-hour cruises. 

On the cruise, you have a chance to see gray whales, harbor porpoises, seals, sea lions, pelicans, bald eagles, and many marine birds. 

Suppose you are traveling with a large group of people, then you can group one of their group tours. It is a longer boat with a heated cabin, seats for everyone, and complimentary coffee and tea. 

This cruise is a bit more expensive than Newport Tradewinds Deep Sea Fishing and starts at $30.00.

However, this is still an unforgettable adventure that the family is sure to love.

Tips for Seeing Whales in Newport

When you go whale watching, you can expect to see some fantastic whales in their natural habitat. 

Some of the whales you may see include gray whales, humpback whales, and orcas.  

However, gray whales are more common than the other two varieties. 

When you visit Newport, make sure to dress warmly. 

The weather on the Oregon Coast can be unpredictable, and it can be cold and windy out on the water.

Make sure to bring a jacket, hat, and gloves. 

 When you take a whale watching tour, you can expect to see some fantastic whales in their natural habitat.

If you are going whale watching with a tour company, arrive early. 

The tour companies will usually allow you to board their boat about 30 minutes before the trip beings.

This will allow you to settle in and find an excellent spot to watch the whales. 

Whenever you look at the ocean, keep an eye out for a spout, you never know when one will appear. 

Using binoculars can also help you spot whales more easily. If you see a whale breaching the surface, you can use binoculars to get a closer look. 

Whales can often be seen migrating close to shore, so staying alert and keeping your eyes open is essential.

Scanning the horizon can help you spot whales more easily.

Look for swirls or splashes in the water, as these are often signs of a whale nearby.

Checkout Newport, Oregon for your Next Whale Watching Adventure 

If you are looking for a great place to whale watch on the Oregon Coast, Newport is worth checking out.

Several tour companies offer whale watching trips, and there are also several spots along the coast where you can view whales from land.

The best time of year to whale watch in Newport is between June and September. The Oregon Coasts resident gray whales are usually near enough to see from the coast.

However, whales can often be seen throughout the year.

So if you are lucky, you may even see a humpback whale or two.

Check out my blog post to learn all about whales.

Comment down below and tell us about your whale watching adventures.  

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