Oregon Coast Seashells

Discover the Thrilling World of Oregon Coast Seashells

Get ready for a beachcombing adventure! The Oregon coast is bursting with seashells just waiting to be discovered. With 360 miles of coastline, there are plenty of stunning beaches to explore, each with its own unique shells and stories. So, let's dive in and discover the wonders of the Oregon Coast Seashells!

Are There Seashells on the Beaches of Oregon?

The answer is a resounding YES! The Oregon Coast is home to hundreds of seashells, including Pacific oysters, Washington clamshells, and many others. If you're looking for something a little more unique, keep reading!

When and Where to Find Seashells on the Oregon Coast

The best time to find seashells is during low tide. Just be mindful of the rules and regulations for collecting shells and other beach debris, as some areas may have restrictions in place to protect local wildlife and habitats.

Best Places to Find Seashells on the Oregon Coast

Oregon Coast Seashell

To find the best shells, consider the type of shell you're searching for and the time of year. During the summer, look for shells in deeper water, while in the winter, the surf line is a great place to start. Check out this list of some of the most common shells you'll find on the Oregon Coast:

  • Pacific razor clam: large clams with long, thin shells
  • Varnish clam: small, round shells with a glossy varnished appearance
  • Oregon hairy triton: large marine snail with a thick, heavy shell and hairy appearance
  • Moon snail: large, round shells with a smooth, glossy surface
  • Common periwinkle: small spiral shells with a glossy surface
  • Olive snail: small spiral shells that are elongated and smooth with a glossy surface

Oregon Coast Seashell Identification

Once you've found some shells, you may want to know what kind they are. The best way to identify your shells is by using an  Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife shell identification guide. provides detailed descriptions and photos of the different types of clam shells. These guides are a great resource for learning about the unique characteristics of each shell and will help you to identify your finds with ease.

What to Do With Your Seashells

Once you've collected your shells, you'll need to decide what to do with them. Here are a few ideas:

Go Find those Seashells

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bucket and hit the beach! The Oregon Coast Seashells are waiting for you!

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