Newport Discovery Zoo

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Newport Discovery Zoo

Newport Discovery Zoo is a small hometown petting zoo centered on saving animals and giving them a better place to live. This Zoo has a lot to offer–with more than 100 animals on display–and is run only by volunteers.

Newport Discovery Zoo

The Newport Discovery Zoo is a beautiful and spacious zoo that rescues animals and educates visitors. The Zoo may be small, but it has a lot to offer the city of Newport. If you plan on visiting, make sure to check out our guide below so that you can get the most out of your visit! Also, please help us by saying thank you to this Zoo for taking such great care of these animals!

Hours of Operation

The Newport Discovery Zoo is located in the Aquarium Village, which is next to the Newport Aquarium. The Zoo is open most Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and non-school days from 12 to 6. Sunday, they do close an hour early.

The zoo is very active on Mondays even though it is closed to the public. On Monday, the animals get to see the vet. The vet checks in on the animals to ensure they are healing and provides extra care when needed.

Wednesday and Thursday are open by appointment or for school field trips.

The zoo is available for walk-in visitors on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Plan Your Visit

No matter your age, if you love animals, then the Newport Discovery Zoo is the perfect place to spend your time. This small petting zoo is a place where you can meet animals and learn about their natural habitat and way of life.

At the Newport Discovery Zoo, visitors have the opportunity to meet animals, observe them up close, and learn about their species. The Zoo's staff is dedicated to providing an enriching experience for guests and animals.

The Newport Discovery Zoo is home to many rescued animals. The Zoo was founded by an owner who needed a space for his animals to wander. He also wanted to rescue animals that were not being cared for properly.

Entering the Zoo

When you first enter the Zoo, you will pay a small fee to get in. The Newport Discovery Zoo tickets are well worth the cost. The Zoo is run only by volunteers, meaning the fee you pay to get in is used entirely for feeding the animals and the upkeep of the building. At the time of this writing the Newport Discovery Zoo price is $12 for adults, $10 for children, and free for kids under 3.

Feeding the Animals

As soon as you pay the entry fee, you will get a free bag of vegetables that you can use to feed any animals. For a small fee, you can buy a bucket of vegetables or even another bag of food for them.

When I was there, I found that the Guinnea pigs loved the Cucumbers and Zucchini while the Emu loved the carrots.

Is Newport Discovery Zoo good for kids?

The Zoo is a hands-on exhibit that entertains and teaches kids of all ages! We would say this zoo is perfect for a family outing! The zoo has many types of animals, including snakes, turtles, birds, and guinea pigs. You will get to pet and interact with the sheep, llamas, and parrots. They even have a sloth and Emu. Each animal at the Zoo has their own story to tell.

Nile the Alligator

Newport Discovery Zoo
Nile the Alligator

Nile is an American Alligator who came to the Zoo because he was kept in a bathtub and not offered the care he needed.

American Alligators typically grow to over 12 feet long; however, due to being kept in the bathtub, the Nile is just over 2 feet long.

Make sure to ask the employees for your chance to see Nile.

Goldie the Snake

Goldie the Snake
Goldie the Snake

Goldie the Snake is a Rose Python Snake. Typically snakes have more of a slimy feel to their bodies. However, Goldy is lab-modified, so her body does not have this slime coating.

While talking to the Volunteer Zoo coordinator, I learned that you should never touch a snake until you see its tongue come out. If the tongue stays in their mouth, beware that they might be aiming to strike.

Pancake the Turtle

Pancake the Turtle
Pancake the Turtle

While you are at the Zoo in the Aquarium exhibit, watch the ground. You may find 3 or 4 turtles wandering around or sleeping by the heater.

Pancake is a turtle that got stepped on. Her shell is now broken, which gives it a flat appearance. Pancake is currently 100 years old and still has a long life ahead of her, thanks to the Zoo.

Volunteer at the Zoo

I mentioned this earlier, but the Zoo is run only by volunteers, which makes this an amazing opportunity to spend more time with the animals!

You can start volunteering at the age of 14 with parental consent.

How To Volunteer:

There are many things you can volunteer for at the zoo. You can help feed the animals; clean their enclosures; or even get your hands dirty and help with daily tasks like feeding the goats, cleaning the water troughs, cleaning out the enclosures, or taking care of the snakes.

You can also work at the front desk answering questions or assisting the keepers with tasks that need to be done.

When you volunteer at the Zoo, you will spend the first 100 hours cleaning the animal's enclosures. After these 100 hours, you can specialize in your favorite animal at the petting zoo. You will get to learn all about the animals and how they live their lives at the Zoo.

You can help provide a safe space for the animals by volunteering at the Zoo. To start volunteering, sign up in person at the Zoo. You can sign up for either the 2, 4, or 6-hour shift on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

Give Thanks to the Newport Discovery Zoo

I have such gratitude for the Newport Discovery Zoo! The Newport Discovery Zoo provides a place for the general public to learn through hands-on experiences that animals are not just “things” but living, breathing creatures that need our support.

They offer a safe space for the animals to receive the care they need and deserve. The Newport Discovery Zoo is the perfect place to take your children on a fun day out with them, learning about the animal kingdom.

There are so many reasons to enjoy the Oregon Coast and this petting zoo is just one of them. Join my newsletter to learn more about the Oregon Coast and why it is so amazing!

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