Toledo Coffee Depot

Toledo Coffee Depot: A Local Coffee Shop Serving Delicious Hot & Cold Drinks and More!

You don’t need to travel far from Toledo or wait in line at some exclusive café or restaurant to get your caffeine fix and different hot drinks. The Toledo Coffee Depot is serving up delicious hot and cold drinks as well as scrumptious breakfasts and lunches. This drive-thru coffee shop is so convenient and allows you to quickly get your caffeine fix and delicious breakfast or lunch without leaving your car!

The location is easy to spot as there are multiple signs indicating this is the place where you can get your hot beverages. I love this drive-thru coffee shop because it is convenient, and you can have all sorts of different drinks and meals delivered to your car. You don’t have to worry about waiting long in line, getting a seat, or anything like that.

Delicious Foods and Drinks

Toledo Coffee Depot Menu
The Menu at Toledo Coffee Depot has delicious coffee, breakfasts, and lunch items!

Located on Toledo’s US-20 Business street, this unique coffee spot offers local customers an array of delectable breakfast foods such as breakfast sandwiches, biscuits & gravy, and breakfast burritos.

With authentic espresso drinks prepared by the local owner and her family, you can also expect freshly made sandwiches, bagels with cream cheese, cookies, and a delicious homemade sack lunch.

My favorite item served is their Banana Shake. They use the best-quality ingredients, like real vanilla ice cream and ripe bananas.

If you are in Toledo, Oregon, I recommend stopping by for breakfast or lunch.

Where is the Toledo Coffee Depot?

The Toledo Coffee Depot is located at 615 US-20 Bus in Toledo, Oregon

The Toledo Coffee Depot is incredibly accessible, as it is located just off the main street. If you have read our article on Hot Dogs in Toledo, Oregon, you will know that Coffee Depot is next to The Moondogg Cantina! 

Hours of Operation

If you are looking for an excellent place to get your caffeine fix during the week, then you are in luck, as the Toledo Coffee Depot is open 6 days a week!

The Toledo Coffee Depot is open from 5 am-3 pm Monday-Saturday and is closed on Sunday.

Contact Information

If you have questions about their menu choices, you can reach them easily by phone at (541) 336-5282.

Loyal Customers

Toledo Coffee Depot
Painted train tracks are found all around the coffee shop.

Toledo Coffee Depot appreciates its customers and shows this by offering a punch card where you can buy 10 drinks and get the 11th free. It is definitely a treat when it is time to get a free drink!

After Visiting Toledo Coffee Depot

In conclusion, I had a really good experience at Toledo Coffee Depot. They have a lot of unique drinks, and they are very attentive to their customers. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a good coffee shop.

 After visiting the coffee shop, make sure to stop by the Toledo Library, where you can sit back and relax while reading a good book. 

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