Diving on the Oregon Coast

Diving Along the Oregon Coast: Explore the Beauty of the Pacific Coast Like Never Before!

Exploring Oregon's coastline through diving in it's waters is a great way to get outdoors and experience the beauty of the Pacific Coast.

In this article, we'll dive right in to explore popular locations to dive, safety guidelines, and tips for exploring Oregon's coastline.

Popular Locations to Dive in Oregon

Oregon's coastline has many dive sites for divers of all ages. Here is a list of popular dive sites along the coast: 

  1. Yaquina Bay State Park in Newport, is a great spot for divers just starting out. The area offers shallow and calm waters to dive in with a diverse range of marine life to see.
  2. Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve: For divers of all levels, the Cape Perpetua Marine Reserve near Yachats offers a  unique underwater landscape and diverse sea life, including octopuses and nudibranchs.
  3. Heceta Bank: If you're an advanced diver, Heceta Bank, about 30 miles off the coast of Florence, is the perfect spot to explore the underwater canyon system and encounter marine life, like sea stars and wolf eels.
  4. Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve: The Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve near Port Orford is another exciting and diverse diving location for all levels of divers, with sea lions, rockfish, and colorful sea slugs to discover.
  5. Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint: Boiler Bay State Scenic Viewpoint in Depoe Bay offers a unique diving experience, where divers can explore an underwater rocky reef and encounter marine life, including octopuses and sea stars.
  6. South Beach State Park: South Beach State Park in Newport is also an excellent spot for divers of all levels, you can see a wide range of sea life, like Dungeness crabs and nudibranchs.
  7. Devil’s Punch Bowl State Natural Area: Devil's Punch Bowl State Natural Area near Depoe Bay offers divers the chance to explore a unique underwater landscape and encounter a variety of marine life, including sea urchins and rockfish.

With so many amazing dive sites to explore, the Oregon Coast is a must-visit destination for any diving enthusiast!

Get Ready for a Safe and Exciting Diving Experience

Safe Diving on the Coast
Safe Diving on the Coast

Ready to take the plunge and explore the magnificent underwater world along the Oregon Coast? Hold up, fellow adventurer! Before you suit up and dive in, it's important to keep a few safety rules in mind to make sure your experience is nothing short of amazing.

Check the Weather and Bring a Buddy

First and foremost, make sure you check the weather and ocean conditions before diving. Ain't nobody got time for rough waters and strong winds, am I right? Also, don't be a lone ranger and always dive with a buddy. Safety first, people!

Gear Up Properly and Respect the Marine Life

Don't forget to gear up with the proper equipment and check it before every dive. Wetsuit, buoyancy compensator, dive computer – check, check, check! And remember to respect the marine life and environment while you're down there. Stay aware of your surroundings and avoid disturbing the underwater habitats.

Stay Within Your Limits and Keep an Eye on Your Air Supply

Keep an eye on your air supply and never exceed your limits. Trust us, you don't want to mess with decompression sickness. And when you're ready to surface, do it slowly to avoid any nasty surprises. Rinse and store your equipment after every dive, too. We want to keep that gear in top shape, don't we?

Research Dive Sites and Use a Local Guide

If you're a newbie, research dive sites and choose one that matches your experience and skill level. And even if you're a seasoned pro, it doesn't hurt to have a local guide show you the best spots and help you navigate ocean currents.

Keep Your Group Small and Respect the Environment

Remember to keep your group small, follow Leave No Trace principles, and capture those incredible memories with pictures to share with your loved ones. 

Recommended Gear for Diving in Oregon's Coastline

Diving Gear
Diving Gear

When you're gearing up for a diving adventure along Oregon's coastline, it's crucial to bring the right equipment to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Don't worry, we've got you covered with a list of recommended gear that will make your dive unforgettable.

  • A Wet Suit : First and foremost, you need a wet suit that fits you properly and keeps you warm in the chilly waters of the Oregon Coast. Trust us, you don't want to be shivering in the water.
  • Fins
  • Fins: Fins are essential for propelling yourself underwater and navigating the currents. They'll help you move smoothly and efficiently in the water, and make your dive more enjoyable.
  • Dive Mask: Your dive mask is essential for protecting your eyes from the salt water and for providing clear visibility underwater. Make sure you choose a high-quality mask that fits your face well.
  • Dive Computer
  • Dive Computer: A dive computer is essential for tracking your dive time and monitoring your air supply. It will help you keep track of your dive profile and avoid decompression sickness.
  • Weight Belt: A weight belt is essential for helping you descend and ascend in the water. It will help you achieve neutral buoyancy and control your movements underwater.
  • Tank and Regulator
  • Tank and Regulator: You'll need a tank and regulator to provide air underwater. Make sure you choose high-quality equipment that is well-maintained and reliable.
  • Dive Light: A dive light is essential for providing visibility in dark areas. You never know what you might encounter on your dive, so make sure you're prepared with a good dive light.

Resources for Diving in Oregon's Coastline

If you're looking for more information on diving in Oregon's coastline, there are plenty of resources available. Here are just a few: 

  • Oregon Coast Dive Sites: This website provides detailed information on dive sites along the Oregon Coast, including dive site descriptions, maps, and safety tips.
  • Oregon Coast Dive Shops: This website provides a list of dive shops along the Oregon Coast, where you can rent or purchase dive gear.
  • Oregon Coast Dive Charters: This website provides a list of dive charters along the Oregon Coast, where you can book a dive trip.

Time To Dive

Time For Safe Diving
Time For Safe Diving

Diving along the Oregon Coast can be a thrilling and unforgettable experience, but it's important to prioritize safety and bring the right gear. By checking the weather and ocean conditions, diving with a buddy, and respecting the marine life and environment, you can have a safe and enjoyable dive. 

With the recommended gear items, including a wet suit, fins, dive mask, dive computer, weight belt, tank and regulator, and dive light, you'll be well-prepared to explore the breathtaking underwater landscape and diverse marine life along the Oregon Coast. 

So, get ready to take the plunge, and remember to stay safe and have fun!

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